The Thinking Man’s Safari has been specifically developed by the Enasoit Collection and is available to guests staying at Enasoit Game Sanctuary on the Laikipia Plateau.

It aims to enrich your safari by adding an extra intellectual dimension to the exceptional wildlife and nature experiences which Enasoit and Laikipia have to offer.  In short, the Thinking Man’s Safari provides Enasoit guests with access to a rare selection of engaging specialists covering a broad range of topics relevant to Laikipia, Kenya and the broader region.

We work with you to identify the topics and type of speakers which match your interests, and will do our best to source speakers, often leaders in their field, who can develop those interests. In the past, we have covered a broad range of topics from elephant and lion conservation to African rock art and the development of Kenyan politics and private sector.

Some guests may like to include just a single Thinking Man’s Safari expert during their stay at Enasoit Game Sanctuary, whereas others may wish to have a more in-depth experience with a broader programme incorporating several expert speakers on a range of different topics.

The Thinking Man’s Safari format is typically informal. Depending on your preferences the expert speaker(s) can join you for lunch or dinner or you can sit round the Enasoit camp-fire together and discuss the topics at hand. Depending on the subject matter, it may also makes sense to spend time with your expert speaker on a game drive or walk, or to build helicopter excursions into the itinerary with the Thinking Man’s Safari expert as your accompanying guide.


Safari Speakers

Thinking Man’s Safaris are entirely bespoke. So we will discuss your personal interests with you at an early stage with a view to selecting speakers and preparing an itinerary which best meets your hopes and expectations for your stay.

Particular topics which we recommend are:

  • Wildlife & conservation (including experts on selected species)
  • Kenyan culture & history
  • Kenyan politics & current affairs
  • Kenyan private sector / social enterprise



Given the entirely bespoke nature of Thinking Man’s Safaris, rates will vary depending on your requirements. We will provide a quote along with your sample Thinking Man’s Safari itinerary.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee individual experts, and we reserve the right to adjust your Thinking Man’s Safari itinerary at short notice depending on speaker availability.